Learn to recognize your voice and your launch phrase.
Motorola Applications: Camera, tag your photos and videos with location data.
The information we may collect includes how often you use an application, which features you used within an application, and the applications performance.We use this recording to either process your command or pass it onto Google Voice Search (locales other than China) or LingXi voice search (in China) and dont upload it to Motorola servers unless you specifically agree to share your voice commands with us for.Collects information about your Motorola products current location and uploads it to Motorola to help identify places of interest and to determine when you may be in a vehicle.We use your Lenovo ID to identify you when you use our online services, like our online store and customer support site.Motorola Connect Checks your location so it knows which supported devices are nearby.Fell dine favoritter fra Google Play,, Netflix, og Chrome til TVen med et trykk på en button.We will access this information only after you have chosen to enable or use these functions.Applications that Handle Information Additional Details.For 2017 products and later, Moto Voice will keep the recording of your enrollment audios on your device for supporting complete Moto Voice functionality.In addition to your Lenovo ID, we may ask you to provide additional information, such as your name, email address, language and region/country, product type/model, IP address, product serial number, date of product registration, and any chat gratis med en lege online activation data about your operating system.Swipe down to the left or right to make the screen smaller for one-handed use.If you decide you do not want to share this information with Lenovo, you may turn off the option for product data collection in the Privacy Settings of your Lenovo Product and in a particular application, or uninstall the particular application.The types of information we may collect include your product serial number or other identification number; product model/type; behavioral information about how you use your Lenovo Product(s) and software; and the Lenovo Products performance.

Plugg den inn i hvilken som helst hdtv og kontrollere den med din eksisterende smarttelefon, nettbrett eller laptop.Sharing the photos will also share image quality information.In the Lenovo smartphone and mobile devices context, this information may also include the location of your Lenovo Products and user generated content, such as audio for voice-activated applications.The types of information we may collect about your Lenovo Product(s) include product serial number or other identification number; product type/model; IP address; and usage information about how you use your Lenovo Product(s) and its components, such as instrumentation and system functionality.If you wish to change or deactivate your Lenovo ID, you may do so at any time by contacting.We use this information to identify performance trends of Lenovo Products and software; develop new product features for future models; todeliver an overall better user experience; and to send you product and service-related communications you choose to receive.The following describes how certain Lenovo and Motorola applications handle your information.Face detection information stays on your phone and doesnt get uploaded to Motorola or shared with third parties.Automatically connects nearby supported devices directly (like over Bluetooth) when they come into range, or over the Internet.You can also play it back to remind yourself at any time.
Lenovo Applications: Lenovo Connect 2, lenovo Settings, lenovo Companion, lenovo Nerve Center.
Your Lenovo ID and your personal information associated with it will not be connected to any product usage information we have collected.

This information includes product identifiers such as a serial number, application usage information and technical data.
Take better pictures by using face detection and other analytics on whats in your viewfinder to deliver the best image, which may occur before or after you triggered the shutter.