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Software required for flashing i8000 ROM.
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PDA (.mst.nb0) : the actual Windows Mobile OS, applications, drivers, etc.Telegram, telegram offers web, desktop, and mobile clients and solves the major issues that Gitter had.1) Make sure your phone is not connected to your PC; if it is, disconnect.4) Select the Phone button and open the.bin file if you use Octans Mini.11, you can only flash PDA online cam jente and CSC part (also the option to preserve the My Storage is enabled by defult) 1) Select the Movinand button and open the.MST file (if.Takže příští rok sorg V5 a snad to bude lepší.5) Connect Phone to computer (make sure phone was turned off before connecting) important: dont connect trough USB hub.This space would not be used by OS at all.Also, the charging animation when device is plugged but off, animations for the eboot program when you are flashing the phone, and also files and settings that get applied to your Win Mobile when you flash or hard reset.1 AjivaSoft Computing, Inc.Mám spoustu nových poznatků na změny od uživatelů a tak je třeba jít dále.Rmdir /s /q temp goto end :error echo!
In other words its a program that replaces PDA, CSC and phone parts of existing firmware to updated ones in I8000 read-only memory.

In case of any error during the flashing, even if you get a non responsive phone stuck on the PC-Phone connection screen, youll be able to flash the ROM again.Personally Id suggest to flash eboot only while upgrading from WM6.1 to WM6.5 (thats the only time I flashed the eboot becouse it seems that not flashing eboot may cause a problem about your phone not going into sleep mode.If you want to be safe or if its your first flashing attempt, I suggest you to use.Reading the above youll understand that if you want to be 100 safe, you should flash only pda and/or csc.Nb0, iF not exist Tempdumpdefault.For this reason, Sorg created the modded Octans Mini which allows to flash just PDA and CSC part.So in the end, even if I still suggest to not flash eboot when is not needed, if you are facing some weird problems it may be worth to flash it too.It is wize to place as much programs into ROM as possible, so that you would not need to install these programs and waste space in your persistent storage or storage card.Echo Creating imgfs template.Those are all packed in the PDA part (NB0 or MST).
y.Toolsprepare_imgfs MyROM -nosplit echo Next: Build the rom.
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6) As octans detect phone, press the Start button.
I suppose it can also contain apps an other stuff.