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Back, info Center, when I first opened the box to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, I knew that I was about to play an extraordinary video game.
While powerful female characters certainly add to the uniqueness of Skyrim, the groundbreaking part of the game is the treatment of sexual orientation and marriage.
The fact that you have to perform a task for your desired partner also highlights that relationships require some effort on your part.
A female character can become a powerful warrior or blacksmith while a male character can become a healer or a bard.In Skyrim, its refreshing to see a world that includes a variety of people in a variety of roles.Women were not always benevolent and kind rulers as they are typically portrayed if given power.Looking at all erotisk chat verden of these changes in the game, I began to wonder why the designers chose a portrayal of sexuality that isnt typical in video games.In Skyrim, like Fable and Dragon Age, not only does marriage exist, but it is offered equally for both heterosexual and gay couples.I hope that the popularity of Skyrim will help promote the equal treatment of different genders and sexual orientation in future video games.Video games are a major part of our culture and can serve as a powerful way to spread the message that all people should be treated equally and fairly).Youre not limited to the usual dazzling and buxom or built and handsome choices either.And in some situations, like the roaming pirate ships, the female leaders were far more vicious and terrifying than the males.

Then you must win the approval of your desired partner by performing some sort of task, like finding something he or she lost or acquiring an ingredient he or she needs for cooking, smithing or alchemy.What I did not know was that Skyrim would break barriers not only in the graphics and game play departments but also in its representation of sexuality, specifically gender roles and sexual orientation.I imagine that the game designers realized that the people buying their product were not just heterosexual males.Suddenly the game that you couldnt stop thinking about loses its thrill, because it clearly wasnt made with you in mind.The choices in body type and size range from skeleton-thin to a hulk-like build.In order to get married in Skyrim, you must first wear a necklace that symbolizes that you are looking for marriage.In addition to the appearance of your character, gender doesnt determine what you can do in the game.These strong female characters show no submission to their male counterparts and are more than willing to fight to prove.

Imagine unpacking a game youve been dreaming about for weeks only to find that your character cannot be your gender or cant marry who you would want to marry.
The fact that you cant simply go up to another character and command him or her to marry you emphasizes that marriage is a two-way street where both partners have an equal vote.