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Using Chatzilla to connect to Krita IRC chat room.
Help the Krita Foundation!Foo d, # *foo_-fighters, etc.If you select it and click the Join button in orange, you will enter the chat room.All of DALnet's staff, helpers and coders alike, are volunteers who devote themselves selflessly to the good of the network and its users.If your browser is set to do not track mode we will not use statistics cookies.This is the best way to find public channels that match your interests.Org channel search ext.IRC is not set up to make it easy to trace people geographically or personally.

August 2018 donations 1769 collected 168 awesome people, chat room massiv cam jenter Directions, enter a, nickname.For each search site below, just enter channel name or topic keyword and select Search: m, eFnet Channel Search, to search EFnet only, use our irchelp EFnet Channel search below or the semi- official.Multiple network channel search: These external sites each boast 100000s of channels on 100s of nets.Software, education, foundation, this website uses cookies to learn about our site usage.Alternatively, you can always try guessing the channel name and /join #whatever.There are many more ways to connect to IRC if you dont use Firefox.Note that nobody on IRC is paid to answer your questions.This is a very common problem, either try switching to another server on the same network, or just use the web search features below.The content on irchelp.
For more information on why this happens, see our channel list troubleshooting guide.