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Overall, as with any language learning tool, these chat apps are what you make of them and may or may not work for you.
With HiNative you dont have to make friends or wait to be matched, just post a question and itll go out to all the native Japanese speakers in the app to answer.
But it can be hard to stay motivated to practice everyday, especially if you dont have any Japanese speaking friends available to talk with.
At the same time, you can correct texts written by learners of your native language.You can sort through a list of users and even search for users near you that speak the language you want to learn and immediately send them a message to see if they want to chat.Cost: You can use all of HiNatives major features for free, but some features (such as voice answers, search of your past questions, priority questions) require a premium membership.Remember there may be a big time difference between where you are and Japan though, so replies may or may not be instant.The cool thing is that since online users are matched in real time if you get matched youll be talking right away.Want someone to correct your pronunciation?Sign up, at the chat room counter, topics *Topics (food, school, movie etc.) *Events.Today Id like to introduce three great chat apps for practicing Japanese.Tip: Make sure to include some Japanese in your profile to show that youre interested in speaking more than just English!
This is a forum made by Japanese people for Japanese people, so it will be most useful for learners at an intermediate or advanced level.
This is a Japanese forum pertaining to the Yomiuri Shinbun.

Personally I have met a lot of Japanese and Korean users interested in making English speaking friends.2 channel : This is a very famous forum that covers a wildly wide range of topics.In addition to text messages you can also exchange voice messages and even call each other, so its kind of like a Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp exclusively for language exchange!It's format sucks and it's a pain to read it as it is, but there are programs to make it more legible.Dedicated to language learning, the app focuses on helping getting language learners matched with partners so they can enjoy language exchange and practice each others languages.Contents, online communities (Japanese Only) : Let's start by this very same forum.
Depending on your Japanese language level you might feel a little embarrassed at first or find it hard to say anything meaningful too.
Need someone to check kåt jente samtaler if your sentence is correct?

Many Japanese users want to learn English so youre sure to find some friends!