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Whenever someone dies in the film or discusses murder, Scorsese positions a hidden X in the frame, which is also done in Scarface.
Of course I gratis arab sex cam think the version I made is better, said Lau.Who could forget the scene where Frank (Jack Nicholson) demands to meet Colin (Matt Damon) in a porno theater.Because reading is hard.Hes been nominated twice again since then for Best Director for Hugo and The Wolf of Wall Street.Carter finished his Georgia career with 166 total tackles,.5 tackles for a loss, 14 sacks and the single most important blocked kick in Georgia football history.Here are 10 things you probably didnt know about.10 Sullivan actually lived in a library.(237 times!) 4, nicholson went method.I stepped outside my job category for that.That fancy condo that Sullivan holes up in?Photo: Everett Collection, the film was originally planned with Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise in the lead roles, but Pitt later declined in favor of using a younger actor, and decided to produce instead.Jack Nicholson pulled a real gun on Leonardo DiCaprio during the I smell a rat scene, much to everyones surprise. .The Departed or viewing it for the first time (!) we rounded up some fun facts about the film, ranging from almost-stars to tension on set.Hopefully the mess wasnt too much for the librarian to handle.I could hardly believe I had met such a special sex øya et virkelig sted person thanks to a dating website!
9 There are a few homages.
Scorsese paid tribute the original Scarface, one of his favorite films, on multiple occasions in The Departed.

See college football stories in your feed.The cast was almost very different.The 2006 crime drama went on to be nominated for five Academy Awards and won four of them, including Best Picture.See below as Twitter, including Carters old teammates and coaches, react to the selection.I had problems with Marty, Wahlberg admitted.To get you hyped for rewatching.He didnt tell me he had a gun, Scorsese later said.Its so real.Lucky for us, its now streaming on Netflix.I still get chills when Nicholson says, I smell a rat.
6, marty and Marky-Mark did not get along.
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Photo: Everett Collection, scorseses old buddy Robert De Niro was offered the roles of Frank Costello or Captain Queenan, but he declined both to go direct his own film, The Good Shepherd.
Its actually the top floor of the Suffolk University Law School Library.