But besides that meeting with him I have been living in Jerusalem for many years and have seen what happened to the city during Olmerts tenure as mayor.
Somfalvi is one of the few voices in the Israeli media sounding the alarm over Olmerts history of lax ethics, opportunism, and conflicts of interest.And then theres the question of corruption the elephant in the room so far in this campaign.That is his forte.A year ago no one dreamed that Olmert would ever head the government.At last weeks Likud gathering convened by party chairman Benjamin Netanyahu, a subslutgirl cam naken letter from Knesset Speaker Reuven Ruby Rivlin was read aloud: Are we facing retreats, concessions, collapse and disengagement from all the values on which we have been raised and educated?Among Likud voters, his own territory at the time, his popularity rating was a laughable.3 percent.Appearances to the contrary, Olmert was never really a man of the Right, said Ben Aharon.Who Cares?) that began: There was hearty laughter last night at the home of one senior Kadima Party aide, a man very close to Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.
After his suicide, the investigation was shelved.

Do me a favor.They snore away, squeeze open an eye to look at one more exclusive report about this-or-another scandal, and they go back to sleep.He failed terribly as a mayor and if he becomes prime minister it will be an unmitigated disaster.Although I respected him I realized that he is not capable of working with others.His response stunned.He was hard to deal with but was honest, diligent and very experienced.When Olmert took over as mayor of Jerusalem the municipal deficit stood at NIS 65 million, or 7 percent of the municipalitys budget at the time.In recent years hes increasingly sounded the trumpet of retreat, going so far as to tell a New York audience, We are tired of fighting.
Olmert had.3 percent popularity rating, and even that was due mainly to left-wing support.