He spreads his bullshit like a wildfire, noone cares to listen about it but he carries on like a malignant tumour that just won't fuck off he hates niggers, spicks, arabs, chinks, rednecks, faggots, lesbians, indians and you all alike, do not try to converse.
Colossus2012 aka EnglishPride2999 edit.
Maybe he got so fucking bullied when he was a kid like Everybody Hates Chris TV Show, you know?
Hell, even for a site that's arguably still relevant today (and, even though it's not necessarily mainstream, still a lot bigger than Chat Hour Interpals prevents anyone over 18 from contacting someone under.M, free chat code provids free Chat Room Codes, English Chat Rooms, Arabic Chat Rooms, Web Chat Room.Because of this, every single other complaint I and others have made about this site often are as bad as people make them out to be, if not much worse.T, free chat rooms with webcams, voice chat, profiles, photos, videos, groups, forums, blogs, and no bots!This fucking asshole is the nettsteder til å chatte på nettet gratis most annoying-worst fucking troll ever!Because of this, it's difficult to really assess how many people are actually fake on the site.Black chat welcum 2 da h00d niqqa dis room dedicated to dem phat ass white gurls dat want dey ass to be fucked by soem blak dck yo an diz where all dem niggaz be at waggin hmu white gurls.Serena has spilled so much whiskey into her keyboard it is permanently stuck on caps-lock.A troll that is referred to as the scourge of anime (also resides in Dias realm of faggotry although his demeanor is of the typical anifaggot do not be fooled, his words and techniques were taught to him by Kurt with a flare of his.So when you do find someone who you can have a decent conversation with, it's like finding a diamond in the rough-you just don't see it that often.By stealing pictures off a victim usually ugly and fat.Online, latest check 1 day ago, category, chat, Dating m gets.9 of its traffic from USA where it is ranked #68308.

They start by making up some wild backdrop story based on loose facts and troll fellow lesbians, usually to feel better about themselves for not being as ugly as the one they troll and rant on about old "pictures/conversations" you will notice a "lezb troll".Notable Trolls edit Funnyorange Originator), funny He is very well known throughout the Chatrooms and is a scourge to all the "fakes and pedophiles" also if you are female and are looking to feel bad about yourself please do IM or PM him, he will.M, includes teen chat, message boards, gaming arcade, jokes, and profiles.It would be great if you could add your favorite chat rooms to the list or write some reviews of them.Not to mention the fact that he has a kind of dark obsession for black people.Related article: Top Rated Online Dating Websites.
While there may be some argument to be made that if anyone tried to impose some level of decorum onto the site it'd go out of business, it often amazes me that the site has remained in business for as long as it has.

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He has an overwhelming fan base of haters that all 3 the vitamin D that he seems to hand out on a regular basis, contrary to popular belief he is not a pedophile; his fan base is so it's fitting for the fans to envisage.