No janitor in his right mind is going to tell you how to make it harder to clean the poop off the floor.
Over on the weed chat room, guests talked about their favorite strains and gear, and expressed their excitement over smoking.
When we started, we knew that most people didnt personally know other redditors, since the core of the Reddit experience is pseudonymous sharing and discussion, wrote ityoclys, a Reddit product designer who has been taking chat room feedback from users over the past year.
It all clicked for me, says Lee, what strangers can do when they band together.People felt like they were pioneers creating community homesteads on the electronic frontier, as Howard Rheingold described it, says John Suler, the author.As if you didnt spend enough of your 9-to-5 workday browsing /r/aww, /r/explainlikeimfive, /r/bestof, or /r/SubredditDrama, you can now share your thoughts about posts ( and life ) with real Redditors in real time!On Reddit, thats currently manifesting through the usual problems that come with online anonymity: people being jerks, using the n-word, or spamming the room with things like.As communities fought to colonize the canvas, they started planning in their own subreddits, and then off Reddit altogether.Game of Thrones to cats.More Great wired Stories.The idea of managing a room of thousands of people all talking over one another on charged topics has made some want to steer clear ny porno video live of community chat altogether.This lends the chat a certain air of anonymity, a quality Reddit values deeply.Redditors had used all of thoseboth as places for moderators to hold discussions and as relaxed social spaces for communities.Every user starts with an avatar depicting Snoo Reddits mascot and currently, it doesnt seem like those avatars can be changed.Though the feature is now active site-wide, moderators have to opt in by dropping their subreddits name into this giant comment thread.I joined a number of chat rooms, and found that most of them werent that active some barely had any chatter at all.
Perhaps most importantly, we wanted to get to know people using chat and learn from them.
Le thinks that almost any community could benefit from having real-time conversation on Reddit, though some moderators have shied away from the idea.

You can see how many people are in the room and scroll up to read the last 14 days of chat history.Reddit, the office was buzzing with excitement.In the Casual Conversation room, users shared their ideas for books.Comcast_Xfinity : If youre having issues with Comcasta road weve all been down at some point in our lives, no doubtcommiserate with other Comcast users here.Join it if youd like to see chat room suggestions from the Reddit community.This paper uses data from twenty-one online and in-person qualitative interviews to examine the meaning and use of chat rooms located on men for men (M4M) websites from the perspectives of men seeking men on the Internet.And you can, of course, ask if anyone knows if a chat room exists for that obscure topic that you cant get enough.(Come hang out with your fellow members of Team Varys.)."For a troll or someone trying to ruin that experience, theres just not that much incentive says Lee.More popular rooms had people shooting the shit, sharing their lives and dreams, and joking.Click join room to start chatting.