Cam Gigandet Gay-Ta-File, born August 16,1982, place of Birth: Tacoma Washington.
For fun, we will ask the following.
Some of these are no doubt based on wishful thinking by some gay men, which can be a primary reason why gay celebrity rumors start in the first place.
And many people are hungry for details about his personal life.A fairly detailed record of his workout routine, replete with video, is available on m One interesting note here is that Gigandet, for all of his good looks and acting abilities, knows what it is like to experience job loss in the entertainment industry.He is an A-1 hottie who has been very supportive of gay related issues.He has a black-belt in Israeli martial arts and is heavily into physical fitness and wellness activities (no surprise).Some followers, particularly those who identify as glbt, are curious if Cam Gigandet is gay or straight.All pictures, links and videos on this website uploaded by 3rd party users and we are not host them in our servers.M gives no tolerance about illegal pornography (which is we wrote in our TOS) and we are glad to terminate any kind of content within this website.Please login or signup (free).All data, picture, video and other materials copyrighted by their owners.After the series ended, Gigandet moved on to the silver screen, debuting an unbelievable physique in the film, Never Back Down, playing the part of Ryan McCarthy.In 2008, he was cast in the hit movie.In an interview, Gigandet has shared that he has actively tried to have these tattoos removed. .
Gay rumors connected to the star appear to be mostly the stuff of understandable fantasies on the part of gay men (including this blogger!) We hope to see Gigandet on our television sets and in movies for many years to come.

Although debatable if Chase was in fact a gay or bisexual character, there is no debate about how his character contributed to gay gossip about the star.Lets take a quick look at a width1/1vc_column_text Reason #1: GQ Magazine Spread In May, 2011, Gigandet did a spread for GQ Magazine.In somewhat of a contradiction of the self, there is some reporting that suggests he may smoke.Christian Gehring hva gjør 99c stå for streamate Gay Scene, christian Gehring Gay Scene shows his sweet ass in dtla and weve been thinking of him ever since. .He has a laid back personality and one can easily tell that he is cool with gay people while also being confident about who he is as a person.Cam Joslin Gigandet pronounced gee-gone-DAY hails from Tacoma, Washington and is the son of Kim and Jay Gigandet, co-owners of The Rock Pizza Company.At Gay Celebrity Gossip, we would classify him as having the quintessential surfer dude physique, which is not too overdone and natural in appearance.
Gigandet has two tattoos, one being a tribal dragon on his right arm which he reportedly wants removed and another on his left hip that reads, Gods Speed.