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Another popular source of information Phnom Penh DJS, bands and weekend happenings is m The lobby bar in InterContinental Phnom Penh and Darling Darling in the Naga Casino offers music and cocktails for a more adult crowd.
Most of Phnom Penhs streets are numbered, even numbered trygg erotisk chat rom streets run east west and odd numbered streeets run north south.
One can cut down Street 5 towards 130 and 136 Streets.
Between 19 and Norodom Streets, The Latin Quarter has live music on weekends, Blue Chili is a Gay friendly pub and The Gym Bar offers a variet of Sporting evens on the Big Screen.It is located in Golden Sorya Mall behind Pontoon.Street 136 is loaded with bars as well.There is also a new way to see all the funkiest bars and pubs in phnom penh with out having to argue and waste time trying to find all these venues.Bob Marley, dreads, and showers optional tourists aplenty.California 2 operates 24 hours and has a nice pool table and serves food all night long.Top definition lowrate unknown a "lowrate" is somebody who is a peice of trash and live like pigs such as living off the government, mooching off of freinds and family and get into trouble with the law all the time.A new venue offering live music on Street 172 on the opposite side of 51 from Pontoon is Slur Bar. .Please take this into account when making your travel plans.Equinox bar on Street 278 is hosting live music once or twice a week, usually Thursdays and Saturdays Memphis Pub has a regular band on the weekends.Live music: The Bayon Pearnik magazine and the back page of the Friday Cambodia Daily list the nights live music options.Its aimed at the younger backpacker crowds.This could also be a neighbor who does not take care of their yard and is constantly annoying other neighbors.Street 104 area hosts several friendly little pubs, Welcome Inn, Cavern, Pickled Parrott, Oscars which has its own house band and plenty of hostess bars.

Pontoon Caberet show on Thursdays, flashing lights on the Dance Floor in Pontoon.Slur Bar on Street 172 a new venue offering live music.One to 3 dollars is the standard fare depending on the distance between most night life areas. .Please note that the discussion was closed to any additional postings as of Nov 1, 2016 and, as such, some of the information contained herein may be outdated and cannot be commented on by travelers at this time.Just off of the mall is Pontoon, probably Phnom Penhs most popular night clubs.The Riverfront-Sisowath Quay, for the first night on the town, the Riverfront boosts a line of restaurants and bars, lit up at night to show off its serene, laid-back, colonial feel. Bars on Street 51 include PitStop, Howies late night bar, White Cobra Bar, 51, Shanghai, Alien, Plan B, Drunken Sponge well as the Popular Golden Sorya Mall which houses bars in a beer garden like setting.At the North end of the riverfront overlooking the night market, Code A new Nightclub Code is expected to open.The Heart of Darkness.Barbados, Loco Bar, Angry Birds Hostess Bar and Nightclub, and Fire Bar.

Though bars and clubs are scattered across the town, it is never hard to hop in a tuk-tuk (or cab/taxi if you must) and arrive at any destination within 5 to 10 minutes without a big impact on the wallet.
Restaurants that have a good reputation include Chew and Chat and Blue Dolphin.
Oscars Pub on Street 104 has their regular house band playing cover tunes.